While I was a special guest at the Schosas Body Paint Festival in Malta, I took a day to body paint my friend Gracie as an Ancient type character and photographed her among some of the ruins in Malta.

Rabat, Malta | Nov 2015

"The Ancient"

Photo by Pashur


"Gate Keeper"

Photo by Pashur



Photo by Daniel Formosa


"Doorway to the Realm"

Photo by Daniel Formosa



Photo by Daniel Formosa


"The Golden Facade"

Photo by Daniel Formosa


"The Immortal"

Photo by Daniel Formosa


""Titan Cell" 

Photo by Pashur


Body Painting Gracie. Outline done. Time to start basing out the design.  


Los Angeles Body Painter: Pashur

Model: Gracie

Set Assistant: Lee Clarke

Owner of Canvas Alive

Los Angeles | Burbank | Hollywood

(818) 331-4905

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