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AUGUST 25, 2021

11am - 5pm

Are you a member of House Bolton? Would you love to recreate the Hellraiser look? Are you a fan of Attack on Titan! Are you obsessed with the medically macabre? Are you a human with muscles? Then this class is for you!
In this hands-on class, I will be showing how to body paint realistic the human muscular system (exposed muscle anatomy). We will work out placement of the muscles, depth and shading to give it dimension, plus all those amazing anatomy details. We will focus on the design from the waist up (front torso, arms and head). If time allows, we will expand to the back and legs. Please Note: This is a body paint anatomy class that is airbrush intensive, not an Airbrush 101 class. Thus, you should have the understanding and working knowledge of an airbrush and its equipment for this class.

After the class, attendees of this workshop will receive a free digital copy of my Zombies Face Paint eBook, my Spiders2.0 eBook AND my Pirates eBook.





Naimies, 2721 W Magnolia Blvd, Burbank, CA 91505


Only $140


Paying for this workshop secures your spot in the class.

​This class will sell out fast - so sign up today!

Spots are on a first come, first serve basis - thus no spots will be saved.

Email Pashur if you want to sign up at:


PLEASE NOTE: This is a body paint anatomy class that is airbrush intensive, not an Airbrush 101 class. Thus you should have an understanding and knowledge of working an airbrush for this class.

  1. Your Standard Body Paint Kit (Paints, Brushes, etc).

  2. You will need the following Aqaucolor (Hand Paint Color): Black, White

  3. Working Airbrush Equipment (Compressor, Airbrush, Hose) - Again, working equipment only.

  4. Airbrush Colors: White, Red, Dark Red and Black 

  5. Empty Airbrush Bottles with Adapter Lids (if you need to mix colors)

  6. 99% Alcohol (Airbrush Cleaner)

  7. Nyx Black Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner

  8. Baby Wipes/Make Up Wipes

  9. Clear Acetate or a pad of Duralar (.005 mil) (You can order from Blick Art Supply)

  10. Sharpie marker

  11. Scissors

  12. Camera

  13. Pen & Paper for taking notes

  14. Muscle Anatomy References​

  15. Pasties (if your model is female)

  16. Nude seamless laser cut underwear /bottoms for your model (if you choose to paint the model below the waist)

  17. Safety Mask (Covid-19)

  18. Optional: Costume Mask and/or Costume Bottoms for the lower half of the design. This will be great for photos after class.

  19. Your Model (see Model section for guidelines)


Video Cameras

Crunchy Snacks

Your Pet


A friend, relative, chaperone, chauffeur or your child - unless they have paid for the class or they are your model, and they still must be at least 18 years old.

Photos from your Prom
The Necronomicon


Model must be at least 18 years old.
Model can be male or female.
Model should be fit (for best results).
Male models should not have a beard or stubble. 
Model should not be hairy or covered in tattoos (Small tattoos are okay).
Models from another dimension should be humanoid.
For this class, the ideal model would be a bald, fit, hairless male with no tattoos.


Contact me at :

No Video Taping or Audio Recording Allowed in Class

Workshop Details Subject to Change Without Notice

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