May 20, 2019     FRESNO, CA     10am-5pm

In this hands-on body paint workshop, Pashur will show you his techniques and process for creating amazing cosplay body paintings. Pashur will cover how to achieve design concept, layout of your design, composition, muscles and contours, highlights and shading, costume textures, painting super hero logos, masks, drop shadows, painted super hero fx as well as numerous tips, tricks and techniques. You will create a super hero (or villain) body painting on a model, and Pashur will help you every step of the way. Come with an character idea of what you want to paint, and Pashur will help you take it to the next level!


The home of Laurie Phelps.

Address will be given to those who sign up.


Only $75 per student

Paying for this workshop secures your spot in the class.

Spots are on a first come, first serve basis - thus no spots will be saved.


You MUST be at least 18 years old to take this class.

The only people allowed in the class are paid attendees and their models.


You will need to bring a model to this workshop. Models can be male or female. The model MUST be at least 18 years old. Make sure female models are comfortable in pasties and underwear. Make sure male models are comfortable in underwear. The model will need to stand for long periods of time, please make sure this is something they are capable of.  NOTE: The model can NOT be another face painter, body painter or make up artist - unless pre-approved by Pashur at least 14 days before the workshop date.


Models will basically be wearing pasties and underwear under the body paint.

If you are offended by semi-nudity, do not take this workshop.


We will order lunch and all chip in. Please bring cash.

If you have special dietary restriction, please bring your own lunch.

Sorry - no refunds will be given if YOU have to cancel. 
If the workshop was to be canceled, you would be refunded.


If you have any questions, just contact Pashur at :


  • Video Cameras

  • Crunchy Snacks (they make too much noise)

  • Your pet

  • Drama

  • A Cold (if you are sick - stay home ya bum)

  • A friend, relative, chaperone, chauffeur or your child - unless they have paid to attend or are your model, and they still must be at least 18 years old.


Everyone has a preference for the kind they like to use. Petal Pasties, Pro Shields, No Nips or Monster Pasties all work. I don't suggest the silicone pasties (the ones that look like chicken cutlets).



For female models - nude seamless underwear from Target are only $5 and work great.

I will also have Shibues to sell (pasties for the crotch area) for $5.

For male models - you can order nude color bottoms online from Gary M or at local theatrical dance stores.


  1. Your model (see notes on this above)

  2. Photo references of your cosplay character or sketch of your concept

  3. Your Body Paint Kit Supplies (paints, brushes, sponges, baby wipes, paper towels, water cup, etc.)

  4. Essentials: Baby Wipes, Paper Towels, Water Cup, etc.

  5. Airbrush Supplies (Optional): Compressor, Airbrush, Hose, Airbrush Body Paints, etc.  (It is encouraged to bring your airbrush supplies if you have them in working order - but if you don't have any it's okay.)

  6. Pasties & Underwear for your model (see notes on this below)

  7. Props (headpieces, armor pieces, wigs, masks, etc. No real weapons allowed)

  8. Camera & Extra Camera Batteries

  9. Pen & Paper for taking notes

  10. A small card table for your kit

  11. A robe for your model

  12. Business Cards

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