March 20, 2019



The Phantom Carriage Brewery & Blendery

18525 South Main St.,  Carson, CA 90248 


The establishment opens at 11:30am.

If you show up before that, you won't get in.


All food and drink expenses are are your own. Everyone that attends (painters and models) must all purchase food or a beverage.  Try their Phantom Phritos, Creature Dip or Philly Cheese Beast.  Did someone say pretzels and beer cheese? Yes, please! They have several tasty items to choose from. They also have an amazing selection of craft beers.  Sip a soda or chug beers as you paint.  Nibble as you paint, or order a meal. It's up to you. Nom nom nom nom....


11:45am   Arrive and Set Up

12:15pm   Bonus Demo

12:45pm   Body Paint Your Masterpiece

6:00pm   Professional Photos & Photo Ops

6:30pm   Award Prize for Best Body Paint Design

7:00pm   Horror Film in the Phantom Theatre

12 Painters Only!

Only 3 Spots left


Only $50

Paying for this workshop secures your spot in the class.

Spots are on a first come, first serve basis - thus no spots will be saved.

What's your favorite horror film?  Come body paint a horror movie theme masterpiece on a model in a cool atmosphere with food and drinks with other body painters! This event is all about elevating our skills and creativity,  enjoying each other's company, networking and getting some bad ass images out of it. You know you need to get out and do stuff, so do this!!!! Netflix isn't going anywhere!!!

Here's what in store for you at the workshop....

Brief Demo

The class will start off with a short bonus demo.


You create a body paint design from any horror film or television show - from the modern to horror classic. Pashur will be there every step of the way to help you out with guidance and instruction. 

Some examples are... Freddie Krueger, Dracula, Frankenstein Monster, The Babadook,  Creature from the Black Lagoon, The Mummy, The Evil Dead, The Exorcist, Scream, Psycho, The Fly, Nosferatu, Walking Dead, Cabin in the Woods, The Thing, The Ring, Saw, IT, Hellraiser, Candyman... You get the idea.

Body Paint Contest

Whoever has the best design is going to win something.


Horror Movie Trivia

There will also be horror movie trivia hosted by my favorite witch, Jennifer, from www.witchvoice.com

4 Free e-Books

Every painter that attends will receive all four of my face paint e-Books for FREE.

Zombies, Spiders, Pirates and Snakes. A $40 value.

Gifts for Painters

There will be a few Special FX goodies for all the painters who attend.

Body Art Supplies Vendor

Blanca Laba will be onsite for the first hour of the workshop to sell face and body art supplies -

so be sure to stock up on body paints for the workshop and future gigs! 


Network with other body painters, so make sure you bring your business cards!

Killer Tunes

Rock out while you paint as the Phantom Carriage plays killer tunes.

Hook Game

Candyman has a hook... and so does The Phantom Carriage. A hook GAME that is,

and it's free to play... and it's addictive.

6pm / Professional Photos / Photo Ops / Promotion

Sara Crobot of Geeky Freaky Magazine will be on-site taking professional photographs for everyone. 

Be sure to stick around and show off your body painting designs, as customers at Phantom Carriage will take photos of your body paint creations. Make sure they hashtag you and you hashtag Phantom Carriage.

7pm / Phantom Theatre

At 7pm the 2008 horror film, Let The Right One In will be showing in the Phantom Theatre. However at any time you can take a break from your painting and view free creepy cinematic view classic horror movies showing in the Phantom Theatre on their 130-inch screen in 7.1 digital surround sound. Popcorn is free.

Photo Light Set Up & Backdrop

We will have a ring light there as well as the onyx modern vintage backdrop (pictured here as the background), so you can get a cool photo of your painted masterpiece for your portfolio and that sweet social media. Be sure to get a video of you painting too.

You and your model MUST both be at least 18 years old to participate in the workshop (and 21 years old to drink alcohol). The only people allowed at this project are paid attendees and their models.

You will need to bring a model to this workshop. Models can be male or female. The model MUST be at least 18 years old. Make sure female models are comfortable in pasties and panties. Make sure male models are comfortable in underwear. The model will need to stand for long periods of time, please make sure this is something they are capable of.  

NOTE: The model can NOT be another face painter, body painter or make up artist

- unless pre-approved by Pashur at least 7 days before the workshop date.

Female models must wear pasties and bottoms (underwear).

Male models must wear bottoms.

If you are offended by this - do not attend this project.


  1. Your model (see notes on this above)

  2. Your ID to order alcoholic drinks (for those of legal age)

  3. Your Body Paint Kit & Supplies (paints, brushes, sponges, baby wipes, paper towels, water cup, etc.)

  4. Your Airbrush Supplies (optional) - Only bring your airbrush supplies if they are in working order.  No making the room a cloud of fog straight out of a horror film. If you can't keep that overspray down, you'll have to put it away. But you are pro - you can do it, right? Outlets are on a first come first serve basis.

  5. Pasties & Underwear for your model (see notes on this below)

  6. Photo References

  7. Props (headpieces, wigs, masks, etc. No real weapons allowed)

  8. Camera & Extra Camera Batteries

  9. Pen & Paper for taking notes

  10. A robe for your model

  11. Business Cards


  • Outside food or drink of any kind

  • Your Pet

  • Drama

  • A Cold (if you are sick - stay home ya bum)

  • A friend, relative, chaperone, chauffeur or your child - unless they have paid to attend or are your model, and they still must be at least 18 years old.

This place is obscure (like a speakeasy). It looks like a corporate warehouse building.  Enter the building from the side. It looks like you are walking to the back of the building, and then like magic, there is a door on the side of the building. Park on the street or in designated areas. 












The mysterious entrance of The Phantom Carriage - on the side of the building.



All activities are subject to change without notice.


Sorry - no refunds will be given if YOU have to cancel. 
If the workshop was to be canceled, you would be refunded.


If you have any questions, just contact Pashur at : Pashur@CanvasAlive.com


Everyone has a preference for the kind they like to use. Petal Pasties, Pro Shields, No Nips or Monster Pasties all work. I don't suggest the silicone pasties (the ones that look like chicken cutlets).



For female models - nude seamless underwear from Target are only $5 and work great.

I will also have Shibues to sell (pasties for the crotch area) for $5.

For male models - you can order nude color bottoms online from Gary M or at local theatrical dance stores.

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