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WHEN: April 17, 2024


TIME: 6pm-9pm Pacific Time


Thinking about getting into airbrush body art or airbrush tattoos? If you can spray hairspray, then you can airbrush. If you are looking to start airbrushing for body painting or airbrush tattoos, but wonder what kind of equipment and supplies you need, then this class is for you. With so many options, airbrush equipment and supplies can be overwhelming. With these supplies being on the expensive side, you don't want to make the wrong choice when purchasing your supplies. 

In this online lecture we will cover the following....

1) Compressors

2) Air Tanks

3) Airbrushes

4) Airbrush Holders

5) Airbrush Cases

6) Manifolds

7) Hoses

8) Teflon Tape

9) Clear Bottles

10) Lid Adaptors

11) Fans

12) Paints - Water Based vs Alcohol Based vs Hybrids

13) Airbrush Cleaners

14) Airbrush Cleaner Tools & How To Clean Your Airbrushes

15) Shields & Stencils

16) Spray Tack

17) Pasties & Patches

18) Respirators

19) Overspray Catchers

20) Portable System

21) Where to get all these items

22) Troubleshooting

23) Q & A

Note: No airbrushing spray demos will be shown.


SPECIAL GUEST: Sig from Coast Airbrush will be there to help answer any questions you may have about airbrush equipment and supplies.


Duration: 3 hours


For full workshop details go to:

Airbrush Equipment & Supplies - Lecture

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