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ZOOM Workshops with PASHUR

This hands-on online workshop for beginners will be held on ZOOM so attendees can learn from home how to draw fun Party Caricatures.

SIGN UP TODAY! Click on the workshop ticket below to purchase your spot in the workshop.

ticket - full day - NEW.png


Payment for the online Caricature workshop secures your spot in the class.

Spots are on a first come, first serve basis - thus no spots will be saved.

Each person joining will need to be on their own separate zoom (no groups joining as an individual).



When checking out, be sure to add your email address where it says ADD A NOTE.

This is how I will send you the Zoom Link and Passcode the day before the workshop. 

NO REFUNDS if you have to cancel.  If I (Pashur) have to cancel, you will be refunded.


You must be at least 18 years old to take this workshop.



Party Caricatures are a great service to add to your list of party entertainment services.

  1. You can social distance from the person you are drawing.

  2. It's more sanitary (no need to sanitize between people and no boogies to wipe off)

  3. No paint clean up afterwards (no brushes to wash, sponges to wash, no kit to clean)

  4. You have less to haul into a gig. For caricatures you bring in 4 items - an easel, a drawing board, paper and pens. That's it.

  5. Less competition. How many caricatures artists do you know? Chances are, you probably know more face painters. 


The Party Caricatures class will be broken down into 10 sections:

1) SUPPLIES: I will cover supplies (paper, markers) and your set up (How to set up your easel, how to have the person sit, etc.). We will cover everything you need to have a successful day of drawing party caricatures. 

2) DRAWING FACES: I will show you how to draw the caricature components of the face - The Nose, Eyes, Eyelids, Mouth, Eyebrows, Ears, Cheeks, Chin, and Hair.

3) CARICATURE GAGS: I will break down how to draw the remaining elements of the caricature - The Body, The Background, the World Bubbles and their Captions and the Name of the person you are drawing. All of this is called "The Gag".

4) ACCENTS & FEATURES: I will show you how to draw several Accents and Features such as: Freckles, Glasses, Facial Hair and Baseball Caps.

5) COMPONENT BREAKDOWN & PRACTICE: I will breakdown drawing each of the face components. You will then practice drawing the face components. I will give you some constructive guidance to improve your designs. 

6) DRAWING SAMPLES: You will then draw several faces based on some samples I will send you. I will give you some constructive guidance to improve your designs. 

7) COUPLES: I will show you how to draw couples (two people in the same picture).

8) ESSENTAIL THEMES: I will show you several essential funny caricature themes such as beach scenes, sports, mermaid, swimming, etc. I will show you simple tips, tricks and techniques to tailor the caricature to the person you are drawing. 

9) COMPLETE CARICATURES: You will practice drawing full caricatures.

10) Q & A:  I will answer any Q&A regarding Party Caricatures and running a Party Caricature business.


The only things you will need for this online workshop...

  1. Paper to Practice on: This can be copy paper, or even a large spiral sketchbook (such as 9"x12" size). Ideally you would have 11x14 or 11x17 bright white card stock paper (80lb or 100lb) as that is what you would use on a caricature gig.

  2. Black Sharpies: aka Regular Black Sharpies. Please have several of these.  

  3. Pen & Paper (for taking notes)


Pitt Big Brush by Faber-Castell (Black) : Great for thick to thin lines.

Crayola Marker (Black): The big marker. Great for thick to thin lines.

Chartpak Marker (Black)

Light/Medium Gray Marker: For shading.



Drawing Board

Your Vacation Photos: No one wants to go through that torture.


  1. High Speed Internet

  2. Web Cam: You will need to make sure your camera is on so I can see your shiny happy faces and what you are drawing. 

  3. Microphone

You DO NOT NEED a Zoom account to take this workshop.


Holly lewis sample.jpg

Here is a Before and After sample of one of the student's work from Pashur's Caricature Zoom Workshop on April 12, 2022. Both pictures were drawn in ink only, no pencil and she only had a few minutes to draw each picture.

The Before Picture : She had never drawn a caricature before.

The After Pic : The same subject drawn just a few hours later.


“I need you to understand that you truly opened the door to a decades long dream of mine. You really made this an achievable goal for me. Baby steps - it's all time and practice now. THANK YOU!!”
- Holly Lewis


“Great instructor! I learned more about caricatures in an 8 hour class than in months muddling through myself... I loved the structure and step-by step nature. Now, I just need to practice!” This class gave me so much confidence with a structured format toward caricatures! My wife (who runs the business side of our business), saw how things were progressing, and told me to be ready to be booked come May."
- Ed Mueller


“Never say never - when it comes to Pashur - He can teach you anything. I loved how my tribals took over my painting after his workshop 10 years ago... How happy I was to learn loads from him yet again - Caricatures here I come.”
- Laura Pennock


"This caricature class was the best. I learned so much and now I just want to practice. I learned everything I needed to know to do caricatures in public. The class gave me the skills and confidence to do caricatures."
- Sally Edelman


Contact me at:

I look forward to drawing with you all!

Zombie Caricature by Pashur - Photo by Susan Saunders.JPG

A Zombie Caricature Sample of student Jessica drawn by Pashur at his Washington D.C. in person workshop, January 2022.

Photo by Susan Saunders.

beach babe_LR.jpg
beach guy_LR.jpg
mermaid caricature - LR.jpg
baseball boy - LR.jpg


All caricatures will be done in black and white. No airbrush or color will be shown.

I recommend you arrive to class 5 minutes early to ensure you're able to set up your device and connection. Please don't let this be the first time you use Zoom. I will not be there to help you figure out how to work Zoom.

​No video taping or audio recording allowed in this workshop.

Workshop details subject to change without notice

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