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Hard: Day of the Dead Music Festival Promotion

For the weekend of Dia de los Muertos, I worked on a huge project for Smirnoff at the Hard: Day of the Dead music festival in Los Angeles. My team and I painted 5-7 minute sugar skulls on very happy attendees for 9-10 hours each day of the event! As if that wasn't cool enough, each day before the festival opened I body painted two models head to toe with a different Day of the Dead theme, while sporting the Smirnoff logo. The models were a huge hit, and the festival was full of our painted sugar skulls!

Los Angeles, CA | October 31 & November 1, 2015

Twigglet (left) and Katie Keene (right) body painted on Day 2 of the event. I had planned a different design however the event dropped news on me that their breasts had to be completely covered (pasties would not suffice) so I added flowers onto their bodies.

Model Katie Keene body painted on Day 2 of the event.

Rolling Stone Magazine loved the design so much, they put

a pic of my body painted models on their website.

Models Twigglet (left) and Katie Keene (right) body painted

on Day 1 of the event.

Client: Smirnoff

Los Angeles Body Painter: Pashur

Body Paint Assistants: Jennifer & Peter Jensen

Photographer: Pashur
Models: Katie Keene and Twigglet

Headpieces: Jennifer House



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