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Pashur's work always gets attention and is super popular at every event his work is at!!!!



Pashur helped pave the way for the modern body paint industry with his first image, a pregnant cyborg incubating a cyborg baby fondly named “MotherBoard”.  Since then Pashur has been instrumental in the main stream inclusion of body painting in current media.  His influence can be seen throughout the industry. 


Pashur the Body Painter is known for his full body artistic masterpieces. This award-winning body painter is known throughout the world for his incredible talent, as the “Picasso of Body Painting”.  As a professional body painter, Pashur can tailor the body painting designs to fit any theme or style. His body painting is a hit at the biggest events in the USA such as the Electric Daisy Carnival, Fantasy Fest, Mardi Gras, Sturgis, Lollapalooza and more. He has traveled the world and sold out body paint workshops in Australia, France, Italy, Spain, Holland, Scotland, Ireland, England and Hawaii. Pashur's body painting has been published in hundreds of magazines around the world. Past and/or Present Clients Include: Rolling Stone, Smirnoff, Playboy, Cirque du Soleil, Nicki Minaj, 5 Seconds of Summer, Toyota, Brooks & Dunn, Penthouse, Daniel Ash, Eve 6, Prius, Wrangler, Rav4, Tundra, Animal Planet, Walmart, Camel, Amity Affliction.


Pashur has painted for TV shows that aired on VH1, Comedy Central, Spike TV and TNT and he was a special guest as a Body Paint Expert on the SyFy Channel TV show, Face Off. Pashur has even consulted for the body painting TV shows Skin Wars and Naked Vegas.


Pashur resides in Los Angeles, California where he continues to innovate and break boundaries

with his body painting art.



On average it takes around 5-7 hours to paint a model (full body head to toe) and about 3-4 hours for a half body.



The make-up dries almost instantly.



I use only safe hypo-allergenic make-up to body paint the models. Depending on the project I will use sponge and brush painting or the airbrush. Most times I use a combination of both. 



Most of my body paint removes easily with soap and water - and some of my body paint removes with rubbing alcohol.


"Pashur is the Picasso of the Body Paint World."

Key West Magazine



“I'm impressed."

Charlie Sheen / Actor

Said in regards to Pashur's models painted as Greek Statues for the Roast of Charlie Sheen pre-show.



“Let’s give it up for the prettiest envelopes in award show history.”

Samuel Jackson / Actor

Said in regards to Pashur's models painted as Envelopes for the Spike TV Video Game Awards.




Patton Oswalt / Actor

Said in regards to Pashur's body painted models on Spike TV Video Game Awards.



"Great stuff, bro!"

Bill Leverty / Guitarist for the band, Firehouse


"Body Painters... they're all garage band level. You're Mozart!"

Miko Montgomery


"My mind can't even fathom the amount of ass you kick."

Baron Von Goolo


" truly are the most astoundingly creative artist in existence!"

Tim Weathers / Photographer


"Your work is amazing!!! Hands down, one of the best body painters I've ever seen!!!"
Joshua Liberman / Photographer


“You haven't been body painted until you have been painted by Pashur.”

Jaynel Lynn / Model


"I would choke nuns to work with you."




"Pashur is one of the most talented body painters I've met. His keen artist eye combined with his wicked sense of humor make for one deadly combo!"

Andrea Condra / Model


"It was SUCH an honor to work with you!! I am now addicted to your artistry. You are an unbelievably talented artist and to become art at your brushes was monumental. I hope and pray for more chances to work with you!!! I'm officially your fangirl for life. You rock socks!"

Paige D'Winter / Model


"Need a bodypainter? Don't even think of using anyone else. Insane attention to detail."
Brian Kirk / Photographer


"It was a breath of fresh air to see your work! I have been searching the internet for some inspiration. Nothing really hit me until I spied your creations. You have a fantastic talent! Your art work is truly unique and highly commendable."

Kat Parsons / Events Coordinator

"The fact you have not only mastered a new form of art, but surpassed it is incredible."

"I don't even know where to start. You are amazingly talented. It would be a privilege to work with you! I LOVE your work. Keep up the fantastic work!!!!!! Did I happen to mention that your work is GREAT, the best I've seen?"
Claudia Gallegos / Model


"Thank you very much, Pashur. Your art is everything I could hope for. You are innovative, creative, and thought provoking. I imagine that your motifs and designs have upset some, provoked others, and left many more shaking their heads in bafflement."
Emory Bailey


"WICKED best implies the true nature of your work, Pashur. The insight into life that one gains by absorbing the point you make by using such beauty and power is nothing short of wicked… period."

Susanna Sinns / Model


"Curse Pashur and his sweet, sweet awesomeness!"
Aryn Fox / Artist


"Pashur is a creative visionary who uses his own innovative techniques and style to create unique images and concepts."
Rory Daigle, / Entrepreneur





Is Pashur your real name?

Yes. it is my first name. The name Pashur is from the Holy Bible - Jeremiah 20:1. Apparently he was a bad guy.


How long does it take you body paint a model? 

It varies. painting a bikini might take an hour and a full body design might take 3 or 4 hours.

For a full body "masterpiece" creation, I will spend 6 - 9 hours on a design. 



What are your rates?

My rates very as every job is unique and different. Contact me for a quote.



How did you get started in the body painting scene?
The tabloids and I have two totally different versions of this story. My version of the story (which is the true version) is that I used to draw caricatures in a theme park, which led to me face painting, which led me to doing face painting with an airbrush. The artist in me wanted to do more elaborate creative works which resulted in the body painting.


Can I order prints of your body paint work?
Yes, depending on the individual piece of art. Let me know which image you are interested in.


Do you only paint women?
No. I prefer to paint females because I love the female form, but artistically I have no problem painting a male.


Can you teach me how to body paint?
I used to do workshops, but it isn't my focus these days. One might pop up occasionally, but it's rare.


How do you pick the models that you use in your art work?

People contact me asking me to paint them and I put them into my database. When the right project comes along I drop them an email asking them to pose.


Do you take the photographs of your body painting work?
Sometimes. I still work with other photographers occassionally for projects.



"Have you ever taught a workshop in a funeral home"?

Who hasn't?


What body paint products do you use on your models?

I use an assortment of cosmetic grade body paint from several amazing sponsors and companies. See my sponsors list here.... SPONSORS.




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