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My photographer friend Erik Fischer asked me to body paint for his moving gallery project I AM HUMAN.  Be considerate and kind. Be a little less arrogant or ignorant. We are all human beings who have feelings. So stop the hate. Spread the love. We are stronger as one.  We are all different. We all have our own story. We are all unique, yet we are all born in the same way. 

We are HUMAN.

Los Angeles | 2016

Los Angeles Body Painter: Pashur

Photographer: Erik Fischer

BTS photo/video : Angela Tafoya

Interviews: Marilou Mandle

Models: Adam Foster Ballard, Ann Hu, Brian K Gamble, Chaya Silberstein, Christen Reza, Diane Dehn, Eliana Ballin,

Fiorella Vescovi Garcia, Faviola Rivas, Gabrielle Ilg, Grecia Salamon, Helem De Paz, Kristen Pickrell, Louis Rebledo, Masato Di Santo,

Niloo Khodadadeh, Ray Ford, Shannon Corbeil, Aliza S.Finley

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