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While visiting Edinburgh, Scotland I body painted my model friend, Laura J Draycon in a volcanic lava theme called, Magma.

Edinburgh, Scotland | April 26, 2014


Photographed outside along the front silver wall of the painting venue. Photo by Pashur

Just messing around with some photos with sunglasses on. It actually looked pretty cool!

Thus... the title of this piece, "Cool as Lava".  Photo by Pashur

My sketch for Magma. Originally I was going to call the piece,

"Pre-Cambria", hower "Magma" just seemed like it fit better.

The beginning stages of the body paint.

Getting close to the finish touches. Photo by Jim Hunter Images.

Working away at the design.

The model's husband in the background is filming the process.

"Gozer Reimagined" by Pashur

Fin!!!! I took this test shot to make sure I didn't miss anything before the actual posing begins.  I wish this is what the new Gozer looked like in the new Ghostbusters film. The molten lava could be CGI'd to actually be dripping out of the black crust. Of course the line, "this chick is toast" would fit also because she is already, well... toasty.

"Lava Flow" by Pashur

So many people never get to see the back of my designs. I call this image

"Lava Flow" because the Lava-esque shapes looks like they are flowing down her back.

Los Angeles Body Painter: Pashur

Model: Laura J Draycon



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