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Pickler & Ben

May 2018

I was a guest on the Pickler & Ben show to discuss how I had one of the coolest jobs in the world. Here's the segment.

Steam Blade

October 2019

A video of my Steam Blade body painting on model Ruby Lee at the EBA booth at IMATS 2019. Video by Kid Giant Films.


January 2019

Model Ruby Lee sports one of my body painted monster heads in the Buzzfeed video,

"I Got My Body Painted Like a Monster"


Trading Clothes for Body Paint

August 2016

I was asked to replicate the clothes that Julie walked in with for BuzzFeed. Did people notice she was wearing body paint when she walked around L.A.?? The video has over 33 million views already on YouTube - their most watched video of 2016. Thanks to the amazing Buzzfeed team that put this together.

Nothing, Nowhere - "Skully" Music Video

Los Angeles, CA | October 2017

I face painted a skull make up design for the music video "Skully", for musical artist Nothing, Nowhere.

Los Angeles Body Painter: Pashur
Art Directors: DECA Creative
Client: Nothing, Nowhere

Nervo - "In Your Arms" Music Video

Los Angeles | 2016

Hats off to all the talented dancers that I body painted gold for NERVO's "In Your Arms" music video. It's a super killer track!!  NERVO and the entire creative team all did a phenomenal job on this project. 

Body Painter: Pashur

Chad Rico - "New Level" Music Video

Los Angeles

It's the year 2099 and Chad Rico has to rescue his girlfriend from alien rogues.

Starring Glenn Plummer

Body Painter: Pashur

Tropical Birds

Los Angeles, CA | November 14, 2016

Cirque Berzerk performed at  the LA Auto Show with a tropical theme, and I was there to create the tropical bird designs on the performers.

Daniel Ash - "Flame On" Music Video

Los Angeles, CA | October 8, 2015

I was hired to body paint adult film star, Lily LaBeau, in a silver chrome theme for the music video, Flame On. When I arrived I found out, much to my surprise, it was for rock legend, Daniel Ash (of Bauhaus and Love and Rockets fame). 


The video won Best Music Video at the L.A. International Underground Film Festival. It was also the Official Selection of the Other Venice Film Festival and Australia's Fantastic Planet Film Festival, as well as a Finalist in the 2017 Shriekfest Film Festival.

Client: Daniel Ash
Los Angeles Body Painter: Pashur
Director: Benjamin Pollack
Actress: Lily LaBeau

Art Deco Flapper Dress

Las Vegas, NV | Sept 29, 2015

Naked Vegas hired me to body paint an art deco style flapper dress for one of their biggest clients. A little glitter, a little glam and a whole lot of moxie - and this dame was ready for a night out on the town in Sin City.


Client: Naked Vegas
Los Angeles Body Painter: Pashur
Video by Nix Herrera

Model: Joanie Brosas

New York Daily News

Naked Models Become Art for

NY Body Painting Day 2015

While at NY Bodypainting Day, I was interviewed by Cat Sandoval for the NY Daily News about body painting as an art form.

Night Riots - "Nothing Personal" Music Video

Los Angeles | September 2016

Music Videos are always fun to watch, but this one was a blast to work on! Check out the body painting I did on the Night Riots' lead singer, Travis, for the video of their bad ass song "Nothing Personal". 

Los Angeles Body Painter: Pashur
Director: DECA Creative


I Wore Body Paint Instead Of Clothes In The City

Dec 2016

I was asked to body paint stand up comedian, Erik Escobar for BuzzFeed to see how people would react to an almost naked painted man walking around in L.A.

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