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Cirque Berzerk performed at  the LA Auto Show with a tropical theme, and I was there to create the “animals” performing!! Tropical birds and a troupe of acrobatic monkeys performed in my body paint creations for a truly wild night!

Los Angeles, CA | November 14, 2016

"Tropical Birds"

Photo: Pashur


"Scarlet Macaw Body Painting"

Photo: Pashur

"Blue Macaw Body Painting"

Photo: Benjamin Simpson Photography

"Blue Macaw at LA Auto Show"

Photo: Benjamin Simpson Photography

"Scarlet Macaw"

Photo: Cirque Berzerk


"Monkey Man"

Photo: Benjamin Simpson Photography


"Monkeying Around"

Photo: Benjamin Simpson Photography

Los Angeles Body Painter: Pashur

Costumes by Suzanne Downs at Cirque Berzerk
Beak Prosthetic: Chloe Sens
Red Model: Jill Evyn
Blue Model: Danah-Jane Matthews

Monkey Models: David Matz & Kujo

Event: LA Auto Show

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