MTV 2015 Video Music Video Awards (VMA's)

I was asked to be a part of the body paint team to paint Nicki Minaj's black and gold human throne for the opening of the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards.  Five painters, seven dancers and ten hours of last minute changes led to our own game of thrones, but at the end we ruled the VMA's!

Los Angeles, CA | August 30, 2015 

Nicki Minaj sits upon her human throne of men body painted black and gold. Photo by Matt Sayles.

Close up of Nicki Minaj on our body painted throne, as posted on her Instgram page.  

Nicki Minaj and our body painted throne. 

Client: Nicki Minaj

Principal Body Painter: Nicole Faulkner

Body Paint Team: Pashur, Nicole Faulkner, Luciano Paesani, Julie Hassett and David Gilmore.

Assistant: Richard Espinoza

Owner of Canvas Alive

Los Angeles | Burbank | Hollywood

(818) 331-4905



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