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I participated as a featured artist in the second NY Bodypainting Day.  The goal of this event is to show that body painting is for everyone. Limited to just 6 Kryolan Aquacolor Make-Up Colors that were handed out the moment of the painting we had just 4 hours to create a masterpiece. I came up with the design I was going to paint on the train ride to the location that morning.  The press was out in full force as I was photgraphed and interviewed by the New York Post, the Village Voice, Time Out NY, and the Daily News - not to mention the hundreds of other photographers and reporters lining the street.

New York City | July 18, 2015

My Phoenix model walks the streets of New York fully nude... well, she did have on body paint.

Photo by Scott Lynch of The Gothamist.

Photo by Victor Mirontschuk

Behind the scenes.

Photo by Ruben Garcia.

Feeling victorious among the crowd of onlookers, photographers and press!

The crowd of press and photographers only grew and grew!

New York Daily News

Naked Models Become Art for

NY Body Painting Day 2015

While at NY Bodypainting Day, I was interviewed by Cat Sandoval for the NY Daily News about body painting as an art form. 

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